Welcome to Lurö Gästhärbärge & Krog on the island Lurö in the middle of Vänern, Swedens biggest lake. Lurö is situated at the southernmost end of the Lurö archipelago, approximately 7 nautical miles from Värmlandsnäs in the North or Kållandsö in the South. Barely an hour's boat trip takes you to the place where heaven and inland sea meet!

Spend the night in Fyren, Sjöboden, the sailboat Aggerud or one of the cabins Vindöga and Lovart. The two cabins have an excellent view from their own terraces. Whichever you choose you will be able to enjoy a genuine achipelagic environment, far away from traffic and stress.

Here is also the sauna raft Mysingen with its barbecue hut and woodfired hot tub, an experience for your senses with only the sky above your head.

Holiday or conference? School camp or a special celebration? On our website you can read more about Lurö and our beautiful archipelago, about the hostel Gästhärbärget and about the restaurant Lurö Krog, about the boat transfers and most other things nice awaiting you here.

Everything is amazingly close to water and open from early spring until late autumn. Call or e-mail us and we would be happy to tell you more!