Situated at the very South of the string of islands that make up the wildlife preserve Lurö archipelago is Lurö - about an hour by boat from the tip of Värmlands näs in the North and Kållandsö in the South. Through the ages people have come to the island. Some came to live and cultivate the fertile land, to be there for those travelling by boat and to gain a livelihood from the good fishing opportunities. Sailors sought shelter from the sometimes too moody internal sea. Pilgrims set up camp on their way to St Olaf's grave in Nidaros. In the monks's shelter for pilgrims, and later in Lurö Gästgivargård, travellers could spend the night on their way across the water.

To this day you can see traces of Lurö's rich history in the landscape. Ruin hills from the abbey and the brickworks's kilns, tillage cairns and sheds for storing fishing nets, meadows and a small school house are remains left from a time when Lurö was a central place in Vänerland.

A lot of people still come to Lurö. In the anchorage Bösshamn or the guest harbour at Stenstaka pleasure crafts enjoy to moore. If you don't have a boat of your own you can rent a boat ride with Your own skipper or come here with Luröbåten on it's daily trips from Ekenäs/Värmlandsnäs (from Midsummer until the end of August).

At Lurö Gästhärbärge & Krog the hospitality tradition is kept alive by offering the visitors of Lurö pleasant accomodations and good food based on local produce. On your trek along one of the many paths it is never far to a refreshing dip in the lake or an enticing resting place.

To walk at your own speed, rest your eyes on the powerful internal sea Vänern and enjoy a magnificent landscape in one of Scandinavia's sunniest areas provides a quality of life a growing number of people seek these days. The tranquility at Lurö opens up to the possibility of both creative togetherness and peaceful solitude. Maybe you will find your own little gem of a spot here, in the middle of an ocean of drinkable water!


Map showing Lurö