Fyren is originally from Trädgårdsholmen South-West of Lurö, where it was a lighthouse ("fyr" in Swedish) and the residence of the lighthouse keeper 1863-1915. In the 1930's the house was moved to Ekenäs and in the beginning of the 1990's it was moved again, back out into Vänern. 1995-96 it was rebuilt here at the farm Stenstaka to be part of Lurö Gästhärbärge & Krog.

The rooms are named after lighthouses in the Lurö archipelago and have one, two or three beds each. Upstairs there is a communal sitting room with a wood fired burner and a great view of Vänern. When the weather is good you can see Läckö and Killekulle on the hirizon.

A total of 7 rooms and 14-23 beds.